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We spare no effort and soul and our main interest is that the customers are so satisfied, that they continue to recommend us.

In a purchase-sale there are sometimes loose ends and documentation to solve, so doing direct management between owner and buyer sometimes creates inconveniences such as loss of time and especially stress.

So we will take care of everything if you give us the opportunity.

Our real estate and legal advisors will get in touch with you, helping you to choose what you are looking for at the best price, area and above all, maximum efficiency in both management and treatment, for this we have staff who speak different languages.

Investment Experts

We are at a good time for asset swaps, we have the sale of hotels, gas stations, industrial land, land for housing construction, large and small farms planted or unplanted with citrus, almonds ... Buildings, lots of homes, premises, restaurants and other businesses with profitability. If you have money and do not know where to invest, contact us and we will advise you

Certification service

The energy certificate is required to sell or rent a property. Reports on energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property that is announced for sale or rent. We take care of processing it.

Real Estate Legal Advice

In which it is included:

  • Legal advice on real estate purchase and sale
  • Opening a bank account
  • Notarial powers management
  • Mortgages (formalization, cancellation)
  • Nie and military permission for non-EU citizens
  • Visa / golden visa
  • Residence and nationality permits
  • Change of ownership in supplies and cadastre / sum
  • Inheritances (formalization and execution)
  • Civil law (contracts, claims for defaults, etc ...)
  • Town planning
  • Administrative law
  • Tax law and taxes
  • Fiscal representation for non-residents

Security and Alarm Service

  "The largest security company in the world"

It is an approved security company, registered in the Security Registry of the DGP with number 2817.

We offer visonic alarms with Israeli technology, with the latest technological advances, with anti-inhibition system and dual-way IP communication, both wireless and cable.

  • Direct notice to the police
  • Remote control
  • Video verification
  • Medical alert
  • Immediate response
  •  Multiway service

Maximum security against sabotage, intrusion and inhibition with notice to the State Security Forces

Service of Works and Reforms

  • Comprehensive housing reform
  • Plumbing service
  • Electric service
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Parquet, Flooring
  • Aluminum, bars, doors.

Projects carried out by a specialized architect to make extensions, reforms or new housing with its homologation at the town hall.

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Documentation Management Service

The energy certificate is essential to sell or rent a property. From Inmoselect NR we offer the processing of this type of documents.


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